Dragon’s Dogma 2’s instakill arrow saves your game after you fire it and warns you to ‘choose your moment with due care’, so I defied Capcom and spawned 99 of them

Dragon’s Dogma 2 has an arrow that can instantly kill anything in the game, be it a griffin or the final boss. It’s known as the Unmaking Arrow, and the item description breaks the fourth wall to warn you of how precious it is: “The ultimate arrow, said to kill instantly,” it reads. “Note: Once fired, the game will automatically save, so choose your moment with due care.”

You can actually find two—that we know of—in the game. One of them can be bought from a certain NPC (no spoilers!) in a cave in Battahl or as a reward for solving the Sphinx’s riddles. As you’d expect, players are holding onto this legendary arrow to instakill the game’s toughest monsters because, as the description says, there’s no taking it back as soon as you fire it. And if you aren’t aware, Dragon’s Dogma 2 is practically immune to save-scumming.

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By asm3a