One of our favorite city builders has sold over a million copies on Steam, and there’s an expansion on the way

Typically when you’re playing a city builder, the metropolis you’re constructing is meant to last a long time. In fact, making your city last the whole game is usually the entire point of the game. 

That’s one of the reasons why Against the Storm stands out from the crowd. The cities you build won’t last long because they simply can’t. In this strange fantasy realm, a magical catastrophe has resulted in a world on the brink of annihilation from hurricanes and rainstorms, and the cities you build are doomed from the start. Managing a group of settlers who can be humans, lizards, or beavers, you’ll contend with the elements and also  the demands of an increasingly impatient queen as you try to gather enough resources to build your way further into the world.

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By asm3a