This home-brew GPU built by a lone enthusiast is a slightly labour-intensive way to avoid painful graphics card prices

Fed up with silly graphics card prices? Then build your own, including the GPU itself, the PCB, drivers the works. That sounds like a silly, perhaps impossible, notion given the complexity of modern graphics cards. Heck, even the might of Intel has struggled with many aspects of entering the GPU market with its new Arc cards.

But that didn’t stop a software engineer, one Dylan Barrie, from making his own (via Tom’s Hardware). We give you the magnificent FuryGpu. It’s based on a Xilinx FPGA or Field Programmable Gate Array, which is basically a chip that can configured or programmed for specifics tasks. It’s a little like a blank silicon slate that can be reconfigured from a CPU to a GPU or anything in between.

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By asm3a