CD Projekt Red says the next Witcher game is ‘not just repeating what was done before’ as the dev team ramps up to over 400

There are currently 627 developers working at CD Projekt Red, and as the studio revealed during its financial year 2023 earnings conference, 403 of them are now dedicated to work on Project Polaris, which is to say, The Witcher 4. (Thanks, RPS.) Meanwhile, the skeleton crew left to work on Cyberpunk 2077 updates has shrunk to 17, while its sequel, codenamed Project Orion, has a team of 47 and is presumably still in the early stages.

Answering shareholder questions after the conference, joint CEO of CD Projekt Red Michał Nowakowski patiently explained that, no, he would not be able to reveal the release date of the next Witcher game in a conference call. “Revealing the release date is basically part of the marketing plan and that’s not something we’re willing to do here,” he said.

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By asm3a