Content Warning, a free co-op horror game where you go viral on SpookTube or die trying, is rapidly climbing the Steam charts

The best April Fools jokes, in my book, are the ones you can play. Landfall, the studio behind Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, is arguably the king of the gag game, with past playable goofs including PUBG parody Totally Accurate Battlegrounds and horse drifting racer Knightfall.

For 2024, faux Lethal Company is on the menu with Content Warning: a 2-4 player co-op horror game that challenges friends to venture into spooky places, record something scary on camera, then rake in the views. So far, it has the makings of a real-life viral hit. In its first hours live on Steam, Content Warning is already sitting at “Very Positive” with over 400 reviews and it’s climbing the Steam concurrent players chart with 23,000 players (and rising).

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By asm3a