Helldivers 2 players return to sight of their greatest defeat, as a new Major Order demands the liberation of Malevelon Creek

In late February, Helldivers 2 players suffered their greatest defeat so far in the game’s simulated Galactic War, as the community’s favourite planet Malevelon Creek fell to synthetic armies of the Automaton faction. Now, players are flocking back to the celestial heart of the game, as a new Major Order demands democracy be returned to the steamy, perpetually twilit jungle world.

“Several weeks ago, our citizens watched in horror as Malevelon Creek fell to the Automatons,” begins the order, before honouring the “millions of valiant heroes” who perished attempting to defend, and scorning the Automatons who have since been plundering the planet’s “exceptionally rich” rhodium deposits. “This travesty will be allowed to continue no longer,” the order continues. “Take vengeance for the fallen. Honour our heroes. End the theft of valuable minerals. Liberate Malevelon.

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By asm3a