Stardew Valley modder challenges players with an ‘everything bagel’ recipe that requires 134 ingredients

In honor of the day of fools, the latest in extremely niche Stardew Valley modding brings us one player’s vision of a more sensible world: an everything bagel that actually requires everything as an ingredient. How does it all fit into one bagel? I can only assume a blender is involved.

Stardew Valley modder SiTheGreat uploaded The Everything Bagel today with the encouraging message “Happy April :)” and “I don’t know what inspired me to make this beyond a general frustration at the name of the so-called ‘everything bagel.'” The mod adds a new recipe to the game, the poorly named bagel with which SiTheGreat takes umbrage, and in order to cook it you will indeed need every food ingredient in Stardew Valley. 

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By asm3a