April is a monster month for city builders and colony sims

Hope you’ve got your toolbox handy, because you’re going to need it in the weeks ahead: April is quickly shaping up to be a killer month for city builders, settlement builders, and colony sims. If you like surviving the apocalypse, practicing medieval diplomacy, or building cities on the back of a giant flying turtle, April has you covered. Heck, you can even simulate a zombie apocalypse in the city you live in because one of the games below uses real-world map data. Neat.

Whether you like futuristic mega-cities, rustic villages, or cozy little settlements, the builder genre just keeps picking up steam. Last year alone I played 20 new city builders, and 2024 is already on pace to beat that number. There’s no time to waste: a full five of these games on the list below are coming out today alone. Get building!

Manor Lords

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By asm3a