Some gamers may be able to see more frames per second than the rest of us, adding to my list of excuses as to why I suck at fast-paced multiplayer games

Next time you’re in a multiplayer match, cursing the heavens as to why you’re constantly being destroyed by players that seem to lock onto you in a heartbeat, you now have the ultimate excuse—according to recent research, it seems that some people really can see the world faster than others.

A study entitled “The speed of sight: Individual variation in critical flicker fusion thresholds” published in academic journal Plos One (via The Guardian) details an experiment in which participants were tasked with viewing a fast-flickering light source, and identifying when it appeared to become constant. Some perceived the light as a steady beam when flashing at around 35 times a second, while others could still identify that the light was flickering at speeds of 60 times per second or above.

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By asm3a