We had another look at Still Wakes the Deep—and there’s more than just slimy, stretched-out skin in the Beira D oil rig

We just had yet another look at the Beira D oil rig in Still Wakes the Deep during a digital ID Xbox showcase. This time, instead of just showing the silent aftermath of an attack, the protagonist Caz and his best bud Roy made a short appearance, along with some melted and stretched human flesh. 

After retreating inside the rig and sheltering from the cold and harsh Arctic wind outside, Caz realises pretty quickly that the Beira D is no place to be. He travels deeper inside to try and find his best friend Roy, the rig’s chef and the person who got him this unlucky break. 

He gingerly makes his way through hallways covered in liquified human skin and warily avoids dark rooms that echo the screams of his crewmates. Finally, he makes it to Roy, who has barricaded himself inside the kitchen’s store room. With nowhere else to hide and survival looking painfully slim, the pair aren’t left with many options, other than to brave the rig and try to find a way off. 

A twisted hallway covered in stretched flesh

(Image credit: Secret Mode)

I really hope nothing bad happens to Roy, especially after he emotionally asks Caz not to leave him alone, which truly tugged on all my heartstrings. But I’m trying not to get too attached, since the lead designer, Rob McLachlan, assures us that it’ll only get worse: “As the rig succumbs to the disaster under the cold waters of the North Sea, you will face more and more situations where you can and likely will die. You will need to keep your wits about you to survive as you navigate the sinking rig and come face to face with deadly unknown horrors.” 

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