Former Dragon Age creative director says ‘I just desperately don’t want to overhype anything’ in his new studio’s first game

After over a decade in leadership on the Dragon Age series at BioWare and a brief stint at Ubisoft, Mike Laidlaw co-founded Yellow Brick Games in 2020, and has been quietly working on his first project for four years. Yellow Brick finally revealed Eternal Strands yesterday, but just a couple weeks ago during an interview at the Game Developers Conference, Laidlaw told me that he really does not want to overhype anything—not due to a lack of confidence in the studio’s first game, but in anticipation of what it will create next.

“Most studios do not find magic immediately”

Mike Laidlaw, Yellow Brick Games CCO

At the time, Laidlaw didn’t divulge any details about Eternal Strands, aside from the fact that, despite what you might assume from his long career at BioWare, it isn’t an RPG. “With Yellow Brick, my personal goals have not been around redefining RPGs, or anything like that, in part because I wouldn’t say what we’re doing is an RPG in that very classic sense,” he said. We now know that it’s a third-person action game that combines Shadow of the Colossus-like climbable monsters with Tears of the Kingdom-style physics-manipulation magic—a pitch I admit I’m pretty compelled by.

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“I just desperately don’t want to overhype anything,” Laidlaw said. “I’m just going to be like: Look here, it’s a videogame and I’m hoping you really enjoy it, because I made it, and a group of people made it with me, and we just hope you have fun.”

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