Hollow Knight Silksong’s April Fools’ Day Update Is Real

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Image: Team Cherry

This year, like every year, the gaming industry celebrated April Fools’ Day with a myriad of fake news to entertain fans. That included classic celebrations in Overwatch and the continuation of a tired trend by Palworld’s devs. But one of the most unexpected April Fools’ Day developments came from Hollow Knight Silksong, in the form of an Xbox store page for the long-awaited title. Even more shocking, the page is real—despite the day it appeared on.

Silksong passed five years in development earlier this year, and foolishly hoping for an update on the game, especially a release date, has become a running joke every time a showcase from Xbox or Nintendo comes around. So it’s perhaps unsurprising that as the page made its way around social media alongside numerous April Fools’ Day jokes from the industry, fans were initially reluctant to believe the page was genuine. It is indeed real, though. Unfortunately, there’s still no release date.

To assuage fans, Xbox product marketing manager Tao Sila posted on X (formerly Twitter) saying that “No, this isn’t an April Fools joke. The Hollow Knight Silksong Wishlist page really is up on Xbox.” Other people, including the person responsible for marketing and publishing at developer Team Cherry, also posted the link to the store page. While store pages on Steam, PlayStation, and Nintendo already existed, the addition of an Xbox page gives fans hope as the game is set to release day one on Game Pass.

Furthermore, The Xbox store page brought us new information on Silksong in the form of an ESRB rating. While the Everyone 10+ rating isn’t the most interesting detail as it is the same rating as the first title, it could mean the game is close to a release date. Based on the timing of past ESRB ratings in relation to a game’s release, an ESRB rating typically indicates that a game is close to being complete. Even if that is true, though, the final process of polishing the game could still take months to complete. So the wait for Silksong isn’t quite over yet, but we may finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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