PCIe 7.0 is on track for a 2025 release, which means SSDs with speeds of up to 60GB/s should be available in the coming years

PCI Express 7.0 is coming! But don’t feel as though you need to start saving for a new motherboard anytime soon. The PCI-SIG has just released the 0.5 version, with the final version set for release in 2025. That means supporting devices are not likely to land until 2026, with 2027–28 likely to be the years we see a wider rollout.

PCIe 7.0 will initially be far more relevant to the enterprise market, where bandwidth-hungry applications like AI and networking will benefit. Anyway, it’s not like the PC market is saturated with PCIe 5.0 devices, and PCIe 6.0 is yet to make its way into our gaming PCs. 

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By asm3a