Want to destroy a perfectly good Razer mouse? The Zerømouse V34 has you covered, for some reason

Occasionally you come across a product that makes you throw your hands up in the air, gaze towards the heavens, and announce “why?” I had just such a moment earlier today, when viewing a mouse kit that wants you to not only buy a perfectly decent Razer Viper V2 Pro to complete it, but to rip the sticky skates off the bottom, disassemble it, and harvest its delicate PCB from within.

The Zerømouse V34 calls itself the “ultimate aiming experience”, and essentially boils down to a plastic frame that can make use of the Viper V2 Pro’s internals to become another mouse. Only this time presumably lighter, because the Razer squeaker is known to be a heavyweight chonker of a device that…

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By asm3a